How to Improve Your SEO? Google Search Console is The Solution — SEO Tools| Jeffrey Talks

Improving Your SEO by Google Search Console

Setting Up Your Google Search Console

Choosing the proper and convenient way you like.

Search Analytics

Case 1:I want to know how many people entering my website through the term of “music” ?

In the left picture, I type the keywords I want to find and I got the list of keywords including clicks and impressions.

Case 2: What websites are your good friends

Case 3: Does the impressions and clicks better than last month?

Case 4: Where are your visitors come from?

Case 5:What pages you need to revise their title and description tag?

A man who combines with 🎸music, 👨‍💻software engineering and 🐸 business.

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Jeffrey Wang/王俊元

Jeffrey Wang/王俊元

A man who combines with 🎸music, 👨‍💻software engineering and 🐸 business.

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